Who is One Soul Awakening?

Located in Hamilton, Ontario, One Soul Awakening is a Ministry, home to Officiant and Reverend Audra Jacombs. Combining modern style with tradition and romance, Reverend Audra offers personalized, inspired and connected ceremonies, encompassing the "contemporary romantic".

Why Reverend Audra?

A little bit about Me

Being a registered minister now for three years (practicing Interfaith) I get the honour to connect with people through marriage ceremonies, elopements and baptisms every day! I was born in Ontario but I have lived all across Canada, finding Hamilton my home with my husband and two boys.  

One Soul Awakening offers carefully woven Interfaith, traditional, non-traditional, civil, same-sex and LGBTQ wedding ceremonies and elopements. Available throughout Ontario the ministry also offers baby blessings and memorial services.

I have experience with everything from Pagan to Secular weddings and highly specialized ceremonies, always reflecting the bond of love shared between partners. Working with a variety of unique samples and scripts, ceremonies encompass my style of "contemporary romantic" while offering fusions with spiritual, Indigenous, Celtic, Norse, Pagan and any tradition or religion desired. 

One Soul Awakenings baby blessings welcome the child into this beautiful world, blessed with lavender water and surrounded by family and friends. The service may include honoured family members generational connections and naming ceremonies.  

Our memorial services may happen as a funeral, burial or celebration of life. This ceremony pays respect to and bids a graceful farewell to the loved one.  

The ministry is also well versed in alternative and holistic health services such as regressive hypnosis, counselling and spiritual mentorship.


Why Choose One Soul Awakening?

We respect our clients.

We love what we do.

We honour all traditions.