Same Company, better look!

I have been running One Soul Awakening for a few years now. It started out as a cool name for my husband and I to describe the feeling we were experiencing spiritually at the time. An interconnectedness to everything and everyone.  I mean even when you split it up, One Soul or Soul Awakening, it made sense to us and we loved it. One Soul has morphed and grown over the last few years. Sometimes taking a nap in the shadows, sometimes yelling for all to hear. But it’s always been there, it has become an integral part of my life.  

I remember when I registered the business and thought “wow, I actually just did that...I suppose I need things now???”  These “things” ended up being a logo, business cards, rack cards, but what was I even supposed to put on them?  I remember jumping onto Fiverr with a few ideas and $20 and got a logo that I actually did like. Trying to make up any materials to follow however….no amount of Vistaprint pop-ins could save me.  But I did it for years and shyly handed out cards (sometimes it was a different one than the last) that I didn’t love and was actually nervous that it looked bad.

Then this last summer came and launched my business and my passion into a newer direction and I’ve never looked back!  What I had been passively doing for years, suddenly I fell in love with the idea of being able to do this full gear, full time, full support!  

I mean, I get to marry people full time which means I am surrounded by love...full time! Not just in my personal life but now my work life.  And I couldn’t be happier!

I was given so many amazing opportunities to grow in 2018 and yes, I took advantage of every single one!  So with this growth and new outlook, I want to introduce a refreshing new look for the brand. The insanely talented Jess Avolio based out of Hamilton put so much into rebranding One Soul.  I am astounded by her work, and blown away that she just plain, Nailed It. From the palette to the font to the logo, I am floored. This is just a taste of what she has created but truly, she captured not only my vibe, but my future.

So let’s show her some love here while I introduce the very new look of One Soul Awakening!  I hope you all love it as much as I do!

The magical genius of J.Avolio!

The magical genius of J.Avolio!