From City Hall to Burger King

I’ve always loved seeing images of people getting married at City Hall.  One image that always comes to mind was a picture I had come across of a couple leaving City Hall and heading to Burger King in a cocktail dress and suit jacket. It made me smile seeing the joy in their eyes.  They did it their way, the whole way through. It was memorable, sweet and simple.

One thing that I hear often from couples is that here in Hamilton they aren’t finding the City Hall experience.  Currently the City of Hamilton doesn’t have a judge, justice of the peace or clerk to perform a legal marriage.  Which means that as an engaged couple there is no quick and easy option in Hamilton for an elopement. If it isn’t paid advertising, it is a slew of legal information about your paperwork.  After taking a walk along the same path engaged couples do, I found it a bit tricky to see how a couple could go the “cheap and cheerful” route without taking on a sometimes daunting task of planning a wedding.

Without having to book years or months in advance, I offer an elopement service for couples to have a quick heartfelt ceremony and begin their lives together.  

Call or email me to book a time to elope - just bring your marriage license and two witnesses and you will leave teary-eyed, full of love AND legally married!  All hitch, no hassle.

I’m hoping by providing this in the Hamilton area, I will be able to bring a service here that isn’t as available anymore.